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Houston Museum of Culture Educational Adventures explore the many fascinating subjects in the history, diverse ways of life and modern social fabric of the United States and Mexico. The tours utilize the very best historic events, cultural resources and attractions of the regions we visit to provide fun, interesting and highly rewarding adventures.

The tours are active, group-minded educational and cultural adventures for adults, 21 and over. They are designed for people who truly seek great experiences when they travel.

Tours are planned to be accessible to people of most any background. Many of the tours are designed to suit budget-minded student and international travelers (Level 2 below). They may cost just $50 to $75 per day. Other trips, generally described as "Lodge Tours", may be more expensive as accommodations include higher priced park lodges and historic hotels (Level 3).

Occasionally, tours may be featured as a benefit to raise funds for Houston Museum of Culture programs, such as educational programs in schools. These may include luxury or resort accommodations (Level 4).

LEVEL 1 - Backpackers Quarters (i.e. hostels, campgrounds); $400 - $600
LEVEL 2 - Hotels and Motels (Ex: La Quinta Inns and Suites*); $500 - $800
LEVEL 3 - Lodges (i.e. historic hotels, national park lodges); $700 - $1,200
LEVEL 4 - Resort Hotels (prime locations and amenities); $1,200 and up

*We often choose La Quinta Inns because the rewards points are a major benefit for our youth camp programs.

Tours usually last six to nine days. Accommodations may be mixed in a few cases, i.e. we may use hotels while traveling to a destination and cabins while on a several day trek or park stay.

Local Adventures
Houston Museum of Culture offers many local educational adventures and weekend getaways. These include Galveston Art and Architecture, Houston Sacred Sites Tours, The Painted Churches, Regional Festivals, Wineries and Vineyards Tours, and more. Contact us at travel@hmoc.org to be included in our periodic updates.

International Travel
Houston Museum of Culture plans to offer increased international tours in the future. Contact us at travel@hmoc.org to be included in our periodic updates.

Youth Travel Programs
Houston Museum of Culture offers excellent youth camps in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma. The camps take place in dynamic and highly educational settings, from the Chiricahua Mountains to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like Mesa Verde National Park and Chaco Culture National Historical Park. The camps are typically nine days and take place during summer months, June through August.

Camp programs are planned to suit ages 9 to 12 (to explore subjects such as history, archaeology, astronomy and geology), 13 to 14 (to focus on academic achievement and scholarship, and to discover advanced subjects, such as architecture and agriculture in ancient civilizations), and 15 to 16 (to study sustainability, ecology and environment).

If adults travel as volunteers or mentors with our youth camp programs, they should be prepared to stay in campgrounds or other Level 1 conditions (see levels above).


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Contact travel@hmoc.org for more information.