Houston Museum of Culture
Fifty Founders

Visionary Houstonians have the rare opportunity to be founders of the most provident museum in the city's future - the Houston Museum of Culture. Fifty founders will set the course for an international attraction that will define Houston people through their dynamic histories, modern conditions and hopeful futures.
[Download an Overview and Information for Founders]

The Houston Museum of Culture is the most exciting and important project in Houston. Through visionary content about our diverse interests and our ways of life, the museum will gain national prominence, as it interprets the region's dynamic history and cultures for visitors from far and wide. It will provide informative and entertaining exhibits and programs to enlighten students, community members and out of town guests about the role of Houston people and industries in the past, present and future of the city. The museum will benefit all Houston communities and cultural institutions by providing educational opportunities, economic benefits, and increased visitation for Houston museums and arts and culture organizations. It will strive for the greatest benefit of all - higher quality of life, as it will play a vital role in shaping a positive future for all Houstonians.

The founders' role is essential to move the museum closer to completion. The contributions of fifty founding individuals, organizations and businesses will make the funding and marketing of the museum possible. Founders' donations will be used to hire fundraising professionals and produce marketing materials and advertisements. Once fundraising and marketing professionals are in place, they will plan and implement a major capital campaign to commence the museum's design and construction.

Founders will be asked for decisive input on critical issues, such as the location of the museum and its broad vision and strategy to serve Houston. Founders' participation is desired, but not required. All founders will be invited to attend planning activities at critical stages.

Founders will be credited on the museum website, in public ceremonies and in the entrance to the museum.

Contributions may be made all at once or spread out over five or even ten months. An individual may contribute $50 over five months or a family may contribute the same amount over ten months. A business or organization may choose to donate all at once or determine the best plan for its founding contribution.

A major goal is to reach out across all Houston communities and involve people of all backgrounds. A senior or person on a fixed income may contribute $125 by donating $12.50 over ten months. A student may choose $25 over five months.

Participation of student organizations and music groups is desired. Their strategies may include holding a fundraiser on campus or a community event to raise their $500 contribution.

Though the founding stage is the smallest fundraising stage, it is actually the biggest and most important step forward, as it will enable the capital campaign, while establishing the vision and promoting outreach to all Houston communities. [Download an Overview and Information for Founders]

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Prospectus and
Plan of Action
The Prospectus and Plan of Action covers the need and potential for the museum, content areas the museum will address and the communities that will benefit, as well as the founding, funding and building stages, and the role of founders.

Download here: www.hmoc.org/plan.pdf

Request more information by sending an email to mark@houstonculture.org.

Additional Reports Does Houston Need Another Museum? Yes, its advantages for Houston's youth and diverse communities are clear in the exciting and imperative educational mission the Houston Museum of Culture will serve. Evidence shows that it will improve the perception of Houston and build support for the city's cultural resources, as it adds a national and international attraction to Houston. And it will have tremendous economic and quality-of-life benefits.

Download here: www.hmoc.org/report/AnotherMuseum.pdf

Read an overview, Who Will the Museum Benefit?

Join the Founding
Advisory Board
Advisory Board Members will determine and establish objectives to reach out to founders through routine communication channels, and through new and innovative approaches.

There are several upcoming opportunities to attend information sessions to help you understand the museum's development plan and its benefits for Houston.

Request more information by sending an email to mark@houstonculture.org.

Be a Volunteer People with every imaginable ability are needed, from media and marketing to Internet and computer skills. To register as a volunteer, go to www.visionforhouston.org/volunteer.html.

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