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  How do I get involved?
   Who can be involved?
How do I donate?
   What are the donation levels?
   What are the deadlines?
How do I schedule a presentation?
   How long will a presentation take?
How do I become a Founder or Advisory Board Member?
   What are Founders' responsibilities?
   What are Advisory Board Members' responsibilities?
   What are Special Advocacy Roles?
Why should I help spread the word?
   Who will the museum benefit?
What if I want to do more?
   What are the sponsorship levels?
How do I update my contact information?

How do I get involved? The three key steps you can take to bring the Houston Museum of Culture to life include:

Be a Founder or Founding Advisory Board Member
We are seeking fifty individuals, organizations and businesses to be founders of the museum, and to help make many key decisions. Founding Advisory Board Members will help with outreach and fundraising.

Plan a presentation for an organization or business
We are scheduling meetings with interested groups to present the plan and prospectus for the museum.

Spread the word using information provided on the website
The website provides extensive information and tools to share with others.

To schedule a presentation or get more information, contact info@hmoc.org.

Learn more about What You Can Do.

Join the Fifty Founders.

Who can be involved? Everyone in the Houston area and anyone outside the Houston area who has an interest in building the Houston Museum of Culture is invited to be involved.

Submit contact information at Vision for Houston.

How do I donate? Donations may be made on line at Network for Good, or by check. Checks may be mailed or delivered in person.

See Vision for Houston to learn how to donate on line by making a single donation or spreading the donation amount out by making recurring monthly payments. If donating on line through Network for Good, please remember to complete the on-line form to express your commitment to be a founder, so we can correlate your donation and contact information to give you the proper credit.

See Be a Founder to donate by check.

What are the donation levels?
$125Students, Seniors, and Individuals on fixed or limited income
$500Families, Arts Groups and Student Organizations
$1,000Professional Organizations and University Departments
$3,000Businesses (includes sponsorship of citywide events)

Founders may make a single donation or spread out the donation amount by making several payments by check or by making recurring monthly on-line payments through Network for Good.

What are the deadlines? Donations should be made before the following dates. When successful, the founding campaign will transition to the next phase and may conclude early.

November 30, 2011Individuals and Families
April 30, 2012Arts Groups and Organizations
September 30, 2012Businesses

How do I schedule a presentation? Contact info@hmoc.org. Please think about the best possible scheduling for your organization, including day and time. Due to the number of meetings being planned, scheduling is being done in the most efficient way possible, to focus on different parts of the city during specific weeks. It may take a few days to confirm presentation dates and times.

A video screen or television monitor is helpful, but not necessary.

How long will a presentation take? A presentation about the museum can be made in as little as 10-20 minutes. It is helpful to have 5-20 minutes for Q&A, as interest and enthusiasm is always high. The total time allowed should be 15-45 minutes.

How do I become a Founder or Advisory Board Member? Founders should indicate their intention to be a founder on the website and follow instructions to make an on-line donation, donate by check, or wait to be contacted with these options. More information is provided above.

Founding Advisory Board Members should contact info@hmoc.org.

Learn more about What You Can Do.

What are Founders' responsibilities? Founders will be involved in making many key decisions, from the museum's location to the wording of its mission statement. Founders' donations make the fundraising and building stages possible. The small donations at the founding level will provide for marketing materials, logistics and staff to facilitate the fundraising stage.

What are Advisory Board Members' responsibilities? Advisory Board Members will work autonomously and in small groups to plan and conduct outreach for the museum. Their role is to inform individuals and organizations about the museum and encourage them to become founders. Through the museum's development and outreach, advisors may establish committees and key relationships as the museum enters the larger fundraising stage. Advisory Board Members may be involved in developing plans for the museum and presenting ideas and possibilities to founders during the decision process. Advisory Board Member should have varied interests, which is necessary for broad outreach and inclusiveness of the museum.

What are Special Advocacy Roles? Individuals with special interests will facilitate the exploration and inclusion of unique subjects in the museum. This may include food traditions, health impacts of specific ways of life, arts traditions, new communications, and youth and adult themes, such as peer issues in schools or the changing role of women in the workplace. The work of advocates in these areas will be to identify and facilitate groups to work on their area of interest, with the goal to ensure its inclusion in the museum, possibly by developing a prospectus and potential funding, or establishing a friends committee to guide the presentation of the subject.

Why should I help spread the word? It's a tremendous personal achievement and a great honor to be a founder of an institution that will be Houston's most important cultural resource in the future. It will raise the status of the city in the consciousness of the nation and better define its contributions in arts, academics, cultural traditions and ways of life impacts that benefit and affect the nation. The Houston Museum of Culture will be important for all communities. We don't want to leave anyone out of the founding process.

Using the descriptions on the museum's informative website, hmoc.org, you can spread the word through word of mouth, email, social networks, on-line documents, and other resources. You can organize a presentation for a group of friends, office or organization.

Spread the Word

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Who will the museum benefit? The museum will provide extensive benefits to the city and people of Houston, along with many visitors from across the region and around the world. There will be roles and benefits for all area universities, museums, cultural centers, organizations, area schools, artists, communities, businesses and more. The best way to consider the benefits to Houston is by hosting a presentation, where the museum's many benefits to Houston will be an important part of the discussion.

Learn more at Who Will the Museum Benefit.

What if I want to do more? In addition to being a Founder or Founding Advisory Board Member, there are more ways to be involved, from contributing special skills and abilities, volunteering on a frequent basis, or working in a Special Advocacy Role. This may include organizing friends committees, conceptualizing and preparing major exhibits, or planning for and establishing foundations that will support the museum in the future.

To discuss being an Advisory Board Member or contributing in other significant ways, contact info@hmoc.org.

Learn more about What You Can Do.

What are the sponsorship levels? We encourage individuals, organizations and businesses to be founders during this stage, but they may want to contribute more than the moderate founding donations. Sponsorship contributions are cumulative and an individual, organization or business may rise through the sponsorship categories over time.

Sponsorship Levels.

How do I update my contact information? If you have previously submitted a commitment form to be a founder, send an email to info@hmoc.org with your current address, phone number and preferred email address. In the future you will have an on-line account, which will allow you to update your contact information and customize the information you receive from the museum.

Volunteers should submit their contact info through the Vision for Houston volunteer signup. It is okay to resubmit the form with new or updated information.

Get More Information Founder and Founding Advisory Board Member Invitation

Prospectus and Plan of Action

Does Houston Need Another Museum?

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